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    A 33-year-old man from Pristina, Kosovo, swallowed a mobile phone. The bizarre incident received right here to delicate after the doctor who did the surgical process and took out the phone shared images on Fb. Dr Skender Telaku led the medical group that carried out the operation. In response to evaluations, it isn’t clear how the one that stays unidentified swallowed the mobile phone.
    As per evaluations, medical docs found a abroad object inside the stomach that was too large. As he underwent quite a few scans and checks, medical docs discovered that it was a mobile phone. He was warned that the cell posed an infinite threat to his life on account of its corrosive battery containing harmful chemical compounds.

    Fortunately, the surgical process was profitable and the cellphone was away from his stomach. The photographs shared by doctor Telaku on Fb embody X-Ray and endoscopy images that current the phone contained in the individual’s abdomen.

    “I purchased a reputation a few affected one that swallowed an object, and after ending up a scan we noticed that the phone had break up into three elements,” Dr Telaku instructed the native media. “Out of all the elements, it was the battery that concerned us most on account of it might need doubtlessly exploded inside the man’s stomach,” he added.
    Media evaluations said that the individual went to the hospital in capital Pristina himself after struggling ache in his stomach. Dr Telaku said the individual didn’t reveal why he swallowed the phone.

    A clip recorded by a small digicam reveals the doctor and his group discovering and eradicating the phone from the individual’s stomach. It took over two hours to remove the machine.
    The make of the phone shouldn’t be clear. Some evaluations counsel it to be Nokia 3310 whereas others declare it to be L8STAR BM90, a phone that seems like Nokia 3310 nevertheless is smaller in dimension.

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